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5 Things I Would Do Differently If I Started My Business Today

Welcome back to Project Badass Podcast. Today we're going to talk about five things I wish I did differently when starting my business. So I started my first business, The Bridal Project four years ago. It is a wedding and event planning business and it was my first journey into any sort of entrepreneurship. I was doing it part-time - nights, weekends, and my days off when I wasn't working as a barista in my local hometown. It was one of those passion projects that I've always known that I wanted, but I had absolutely no experience and to be honest with you, I was winging it.

Over the last four years, as I started multiple other businesses and scaled to multiple six figures, I've learned a thing or two. if I could go back today and do things differently, I've kind of compiled it into the five things that I would change.

I wouldn’t give up anything for the way that this experience has been during my entrepreneurial journey, as I've always learned from books, podcasts, mentors, and training. Those avenues were really the way that I was able to gain the knowledge in order to know how to run my business effectively.

However, I think it's important to reflect back on what I would do differently if given the chance. We as entrepreneurs are addicted to creating something out of nothing and bringing our passion into the world and driving that with revenue. So I like to reflect back on this so, that the next time I decide I want to start a new project or a new business, I have these lessons that I've learned through and experienced, and I can implement them in my future endeavors, which are going to make them ultimately more successful quicker than my first business.

Tune in to the full episode now to learn the 5 things I would do differently if I started my business again today -

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