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Stop Getting In Your Own Way! How To Overcome What's Holding You Back

In today's episode, we dig deep into discovering what's holding you back and exactly how to overcome it. Regardless if it's personal challenges, professional challenges or just simply getting out of your own head, we discuss the exact method I took the get out of my "crab bucket" and move the needle forward to my extraordinary life.

We discuss the crab bucket theory - the theory explains that if you put one crab in a bucket, without a lid, the crab can easily escape. However, if you put more than one crab in a lidless bucket, whether it's two, three, five, or ten crabs in the bucket, they won't be able able to escape the bucket. As the multitudes of crabs climb to the top of the bucket, the others pull each other down to the bottom of the bucket. The crab bucket theory is that we, as humans, are the crabs, and our experiences, environment, mindset, and the people around us are pulling us back down into the bottom of the bucket.

We discuss an exercise to do in order to discover your bucket, and utilizing the Power 5 theory to self discover how to overcome the obstacles that is holding you back.

Listen to the full episode here -

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